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    Position Part Part Number Price inc.VAT PACK QTY Your Order Add To Cart
    1Intermediate gear Z=11Country: Germany [D], Holland [NL] - Technical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206313 No Longer Available 1
    1Intermediate gear Z=12Country: Austria [A], Belgium [B], Japan [J], Portugal [P] - Technical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206376 No Longer Available 1
    2Outside circlip D17Technical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8501484 No Longer Available 2
    3Bearing D17x40x12Technical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8276046 (Replaces: AP8502626) £8.87 1
    4Outside circlip D17Technical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206233 (Replaces: AP8501475) £1.33 1
    52nd wheel gear Z=33Technical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206443 No Longer Available 1
    65th wheel gear Z=25Technical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206446 £64.76 1
    7Outside circlip D20Technical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8507866 No Longer Available 1
    81st wheel gear Z=36Technical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206442 No Longer Available 1
    9Gear bush 13x20x13,5Technical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206536 £10.16 1
    10Blue steel washer D13x25Technical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206347 No Longer Available 1
    114th wheel gear Z=27Technical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206445 No Longer Available 1
    123rd wheel gear Z=29Technical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206444 No Longer Available 1
    13Secondary gear shaftTechnical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206436 No Longer Available 1
    14Blue steel washer D17,2×30Technical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8502498 £2.01 1
    15Oil seal D17x35x7Technical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206291 No Longer Available 1
    16Int. notched washer D7Technical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8502473 £1.37 1
    17Nut M7x5,5Technical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8502414 £1.58 1
    18Fork guide pinTechnical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206298 £9.85 1
    19Fork 4-5 speedTechnical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206434 £58.99 1
    20Blue steel washer D10x16Technical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206269 £1.88 1
    21Shift camTechnical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206431 No Longer Available 1
    22Ball D9Technical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206283 No Longer Available 1
    23Gear indicator springTechnical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206261 £3.12 1
    24Pin retainerTechnical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206336 £6.96 1
    25Fork guide pinTechnical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8502826 No Longer Available 1
    26Fork 1 speedTechnical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206432 No Longer Available 1
    27Fork 2-3 speedTechnical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206433 £56.34 1
    28Secondary shaft cpl.5 spd.Technical Specifications: 5 gear [5M] AP8206448 No Longer Available 1

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Please note all prices, pack quantities and part numbers are subject to change without prior notice, Aprilia reserve the right to change price, pack quantities or part number - unfortunately we are unable to keep our website up-to-date with these changes from Aprilia however we do try our up most to keep in line with the current Aprilia catalogue