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    Position Part Part Number Price inc.VAT PACK QTY Your Order Add To Cart
    1Fuel cockAP8102816 No Longer Available 1
    2Fuel tank, black/cyan+dec.Year: 1998 [W] - Vehicle colour: Black / Cyan 1998 [B/C] AP8149047 No Longer Available 1
    2Fuel tank, blue/must+dec.Year: 1997 [V] - Vehicle colour: Blue / Yellow 1997 [B/Y] AP8149045 No Longer Available 1
    2Fuel tank, copper/al.+dec.Year: 1995 [S], 1996 [T] - Vehicle colour: Copper / Grey 1995-1996 [C/G] AP8149043 No Longer Available 1
    2Fuel tank, grey/ora.+dec.Year: 1995 [S], 1996 [T], 1997 [V] - Vehicle colour: Grey / Orange 1995-1997 [G/O] AP8149044 No Longer Available 1
    2Fuel tank, grey/red+dec.Year: 1998 [W] - Vehicle colour: Grey / Red 1998 [G/R] AP8149046 No Longer Available 1
    3Rubber spacer *AP8120663 £3.69 1
    4SpeedometerAP8102501 No Longer Available 1
    5Lamp support+cableAP8124137 No Longer Available 1
    6Filler capCountry: Germany [D], Spain [E], France [F], Greece [GR], Italy [I], Great Britain [UK] AP8121840 No Longer Available 1
    6Filler capCountry: Switzerland [CH], Singapore [SGP] AP8102659 No Longer Available 1
    7Inox sel tapping screw 2,9×12AP8150421 £1.03 1
    8GasketAP8102504 £1.04 1
    9Hose holder unionAP8102503 £5.88 1
    10Odometer cableAP8114326 £13.15 1
    11Spacer *AP8121773 £1.08 1
    12SCREW W/ FLANGE M8X50*AP8152292 £1.08 1
    13Filler cap gasketAP8120967 No Longer Available 1
    14Hex socket screw M6x12AP8152186 £0.27 1
    15Fuel filler capAP8202380 (Replaces: AP8102228) £127.64 1
    16O-ringAP8220305 £0.85 2
    17Dashboard ring nut, alum.Year: 1995 [S], 1996 [T], 1997 [V] AP8120973 No Longer Available 1
    17Dashboard ring nut, greyYear: 1998 [W] AP8139457 No Longer Available 1
    18Fuel tank unionCountry: Switzerland [CH], Singapore [SGP] AP8135307 No Longer Available 1
    19Fuel pipeAP8120984 No Longer Available 1

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Please note all prices, pack quantities and part numbers are subject to change without prior notice, Aprilia reserve the right to change price, pack quantities or part number - unfortunately we are unable to keep our website up-to-date with these changes from Aprilia however we do try our up most to keep in line with the current Aprilia catalogue