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From enjoying a silent ride to roughing it out, men always have their private adventures on their bikes. They take all the measures for the bike’s maintenance to make sure to keep the bike fit. Men in Russia as elsewhere pride themselves on owning Aprilias and go to extremes to keep it in perfect condition. Since this is a select bike with Italian origins, spares are not as easy to come by as for the Japanese quartets and owners have to go to some trouble and expense to obtain spares. The owners of Aprilia bikes now have the convenience of access to genuine Aprilia parts in Russia on our website. This is perhaps one of the very few online stores to maintain virtually all spares for virtually all production models of Aprilia bikes. This means quick deliveries and affordable prices. This is the right place to source genuine Aprilia Spares at the best prices.

We have a wide range of Aprilia spare parts for their entire range of two wheelers, from normal scooters to high-tech bikes as well as off-road ones to make your life simple and fast. The models for which you can get genuine Aprilia parts from us are:

  • Street and racing bikes for which we offer spares are :

Air box, clutch cover, cooling system, crankcase, cylinder head-valves, drive shaft, engine, exhaust pipes, clutches, electrical systems, frames, footrests, dashboard, central stand, clutch lever, cylinder-piston and other parts are exclusive to this series.

Acc.-cycle components, Acc. - performance parts, Acc.- Mechanics Anti-theft, Acc.-Special body parts, Connecting rod- rear shock absorbers, Crankcases, expansion tank and a lot of other parts for different models from which you can choose.

ABS Brake system, flywheel cover, Front body-front fairing, Front body-front mudguard, front brake callipers, front cylinder timing system, exhaust unit, grip shift, ignition unit, oil pump, steering, swing arm and many more.

Gearbox, throttle body, USA decals, valves pads, water pump, fuel vapor recovery system, lock hardware kit, front fork, front lights, gear box selector and all the other parts necessary.

ABS brake system, front body, valve pads, ignition unit, exhausts unit, central stand, crankcases, flywheel cover, air box, exhaust unit and almost all other parts.

Carburettor, carters, counterweight, Decal op. handbooks and plate set, front fork Marzocchi, front fork Paioli, fuel tank, starter motor, selector, swing arm- shock absorber, rear brake  system and all the other exclusive parts. 

  • For people who like to have big bulky bikes which are not only big in size but also in performance and efficiency, we at Aprilia Spares in Russia have parts for the bike mentioned below:

Acc.- Mechanics theft, Acc.- performance parts, Acc.-various, Acc.- top/cases and side cases, Decal, front brake callipers, front brake master cylinders,  steering- factory version, steering- strada version and all the necessary spare parts. 

  • Some people like to have a non-complicated mode of riding and scooters are the ideal option for them. We have a range of Aprilia spare parts for the models mentioned below:

Air box, central boy, drive shaft, flywheel, cylinder head/carburetor, plate set and handbook, transmission cover, secondary air, rear wheel-disc brake, transmission final drive, saddle-handle, starter motor, etc.

Camshaft, controls, front wheel, fuel tank, connecting rod,  front wheel, front fork, engine, stem base, transmission, lights, oil filter, oil pump, rear brake, rear wheel,  front body, front calliper, head cover etc.

Acc.- windshields, engine plastic, engine assembly, expansion tank, flywheel cover, under saddle, tail light, RH controls, primary transmission, Kaifa front fork-hubs and sleeves, LH controls, pulley assy,  valve control, handlebar, top box etc.

Aprilia Genuine Parts is a part of the Genuine Motorcycle Parts Ltd group and sells only Official Aprilia Genuine parts. There are several stores that will offer you the same products at much cheaper rates but they do not ensure quality as we do. We do not deal in third party below-par replacement parts and customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Aprilia Spares in Hungary has over 400,000 distribution parts in stock and our online service is growing rapidly. Some traits listed below for which we are known:

  • Quality: our biggest strength lies in the quality of our products. We provide genuine and New Aprilia parts of the best quality with no parallel in the market.
    • Best Price: We give you your money’s worth and thus offer you exclusive products at flexible prices ensuring that you get the best services that money can buy.
    • Complete Parts: We provide you with complete parts to avoid any kind of inconvenience.
    • Only Genuine Parts: We have the reputation of dealing only in Genuine Aprilia Parts and authenticity is assured in all our products.
    • Secure shopping: Our mode of shipping is extremely reliable. Shopping with us is a safe and secure experience.
    • Speedy Delivery: We believe that time is money. The delivery of the products is fast, generally in a span of 5-7 days.
    • Customer satisfaction: We believe in giving the best services to our customers and never letting them down. We have worked hard to maintain this motto down the years.