Aprilia Genuine Parts - How do you I clean my Aprilia

How do you I clean my Aprilia? 

Every wondered what is the best way and products to clean you beloved Aprilia motorcycle or scooter? Well look no futher we have the answer! 

Factory Moto has a range of cleaning cosmetics that will make your Aprilia motorcycle or scooter look like its come straight out of the factory.

Factory Moto Extreme Cleaner is a is a highly effective cleaner that easily penetrates dirt, mud, insects, traffic particles, sand and all other types of grunge. Factory Moto Extreme Cleaner has been developed using state of the art bio-intensive components that is safe to use without losing its fast acting deep cleaning performance properties. 

Factory Moto De-Greaser is suitable for cleaning and de-greasing everywhere. 

It’s even safe near your electrics. It sprays to give a colourless stream of rapidly drying solvent.

FM DEGREASER is ideal for the efficient and speedy removal of stains, tar or deposits of oil, grease or dirt and does not cause corrosion of metals. 
Evaporating quickly, it is safe to use on most plastics or fibres.

Factory Moto Finish Wax is a high quality wax which is ideal for most surfaces where a lustrous finish is required. It may be used on any surface requiring that factory finish look, it works on most plastics, leather, lacquered surfaces, vinyl, Formica and many more surfaces.

FM FINISH WAX removes most soils, including dust, finger marks and protects against the elements, giving your ride that look of just arriving from the factory!

Factory Moto Chain Lube is a clear viscous liquid specially formulated for high performance chain lubrication.

It gives outstanding performance under extreme conditions of load and does not fling off.

It also withstands pressure cleaning, prevents corrosion and extends chain and component life.

FM CHAIN LUBE aerosol spray deposits a film of additives and polymers, which penetrate moving parts. It can be used for all types of chains requiring an effective colourless lubricant.

Factory Moto Rapid Shine Provides a long lasting protective shine on bodywork, chrome, copper, imitation leather and other plastics. For cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, caravans, scooters and many more.

FM RAPID SHINE gives you that instant showroom shine that your ride deserves.

Factory Moto® FM 360 is a high performance, multi application fluid which has excellent de-watering, anti-corrosive and general lubricating properties. FM360 sprays giving a light brown low viscosity solvent and oil blend, which has excellent penetrating properties.

Factory Moto® FM 360 incorporates high performance de-watering additives and moisture repelling compounds to protect against further ingression and oxidation.