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A bike is just not a convenient vehicle; it is a passion for most men. It is a way for them to loosen themselves up by going for a ride. With pleasures come responsibilities, and in this case it is necessary to maintain the bike for it to last longer and be in a tip-top condition. Use of authentic parts is important to safeguard and maintain performance and its life. Use of fake or non-standard spares could actually result in damage to other engine parts.  At Aprilia Genuine Spares we provide you only genuine Aprilia Spares to give absolute peace of mind. We provide you with quality spares so that your bike does not lose its style, speed and hi-tech performance.

We provide a convenient platform for customers to study the list and the details of each component and then make their pick according to their requirement. Aprilia Spares in Australia is a quick and a reliable way of shopping for your Aprilia bike spares. We have a wide range of Aprilia Spare Parts and the bikes for which the spare parts are available with us are:

  • RSV4 series

Aprilia Rsv4 series has been a huge success because of its amazing looks; hi-end technology and performance parameters. It has a 65° V-4 engine and a unique multimap engine management. Cylinder piston, frames, footrests, central stand, dashboard, electrical systems, etc. are some of the parts we have in stock.

  • Tuono series

The bike has a unique and powerful V4 engine with an effective power of 167.3 hp. Its revised chassis architecture sets new standards in performance and handling. The components available with us are Acc.-cyclistic components, Acc.-mechanics anti-theft, cylinder with piston, expansion tank, connecting rod etc.

  • Mana series

The Mana series has a compact and sporty structure. It has a 90° V twin engine along with a unique electronic fuel injection and a catalytic exhaust. ABB brake system, valve pads, gear box selector, lock hardware kit, steering, swing arm, oil pump etc are the parts available with us.

  • Dorsoduro series

It has a 90° V twin engine and it uniquely includes tri-map generation ride-by-wire technology. The ride-by-wire system manages fuel flow, airflow and ignition all at the same time for optimized performance and fuel efficiency. The bike parts available with us are drive shaft, wheel spindle crash bobbins, brake fluid reservoir cover, rider footrest rubbers etc.

  • Shiver series

It has the Aprilia V2 750 engine that delivers a high torque over most of the  RPM range, less vibrations, smooth, full power delivery and efficient output. We have front body, ignition unit, flywheel cover, valve pads, rider footrests, Aprilia tank bag, Carbon fiber front mudguard etc available with us.

  • RS series

The bike features an extremely sophisticated two stroke engine, upside down fork and super-rigid aluminium frame and swing arm which has been tried and tested by Aprilia’s professionals. Front fork Paioli, front fork Marzocchi, starter motor, selector, swing arm shock absorbers, fuel tank, carters, carburettor etc are the components that we provide in Aprilia Motorcycle Parts.

  • PEGASO series

This is the innovative high tech bike that sets new standards for big singles. . A modern, four-valve, dry sump engine with electronic fuel injection, 44 mm throttle body, ultra-light wheels and sports brakes are just a few of its technical features. Front brake callipers, front brake master cylinders, Decal, acc.- mechanics theft, acc.-performance parts etc are the components available with Aprilia parts.

  • SR series

SR series were the first scooters to fit 13” wheels, the first with liquid cooling, the first with a double disc braking system, and the first with a direct injection engine. The mirrors, integrated footrests and open brake master cylinders are the finishing touches to a sophisticated scooter. The components available with us are transmission lights, rear wheel disc brake, secondary air, transmission cover, front wheel, fuel tank etc.

  • Sportcity series

The sportcity series have larger dimensions, a superior finish and a 300 cc engine which gives the sport city an un paralleled price to performance ratio. The Aprilia parts available with us are head cover, saddle-handle, starter motor, lights, air box, drive shaft etc.

  • Atlantic series

It has 13” rims with wide tubeless tires, integral braking system and an electronic injection 300 cc engine that is the best technological treat that can be offered. It gives you maximum performance with extraordinarily low fuel consumption. RH controls, LH controls, Pully assy, primary transmission, tail light, valve control, engine plastic are the major components available with us.

This site is the best place to purchase your spares even though other shops offer the same parts at a lower price because Aprilia Genuine Parts is a division of Genuine Motorcycle Parts Ltd and sells only Official Aprilia Genuine Parts. Our distribution is over 4, 00,000 Aprilia Spares in Australia. We sell New Aprilia Parts that are certified genuine and will give guaranteed performance and life for your bikes..