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Bikes can be and are enduring passion for some men. Not only men, but today, even women are avid biking enthusiasts and the Aprilia, with its Italian genes, has a seductive appearance women fall for. Aprilia motorbikes are irresistible. The style, the sleekness and the power, the exquisite models of these bikes-all these simply cannot be ignored. To run these bikes for a longer span of time,  genuine Aprilia parts are required which you can only get at genuine stores, like that of the ours. If you own an Aprilia bike and need Aprilia spares in Norway you have come to the right place.

We stock Aprilia parts for virtually all models on the road. In Norway, a large number of people own Aprilia bikes and we stock all new Aprilia motorcycle parts. Buying Aprilia spares is very easy with us. Select the parts for your Aprilia bike model and let us know.

We stock genuine Aprilia parts sourced directly from the manufacturer. In case of non-availability of any part, customers are notified immediately and informed about earliest possible delivery date. We will deliver them at your doorstep in no time once we receive your order. Try us. When you buy Aprilia spares from us, your bike will regain its appearance and performance. Once you are the proud owner of an Aprilia, you must know from where to buy genuine spare parts.  Whether you stay in Norway or anywhere else, you will get genuine Aprilia parts from us with ease.

We are the one stop, genuine Aprilia parts store.

Aprilia RSV Parts: For RSV4 1000 Factory APRC SE 2011 we provide air box, clutch cover, cooling system, Crank-case, cylinder head-valves, drive shaft, electrical system, exhaust pipe, frame, front body, front cylinder timing system, fuel tank, central stand, gear box, front wheel etc.

For RSV 1000 SP 1999 we provide Acc.-Mechanics anti-theft, central body- lower fairings, central electric system, clutch pump, dash board, crankcases, crank shaft, front body- Duct, Engine, Frame, Foot rest, cooling system, clutch, front brake caliper, front brake master cylinder etc.

For RSV 1000 2004-2008, ACC. – Available parts are : cycle components, performance parts EVO, performance parts II, Special body parts, most of the parts mentioned above and Decal My 04-05-06, Electrical system I, Expansion tank, Frame I, Frame II, Cylinder head and valves, front wheel reversion, rear wheel factory- Dream I, Swing arm, Throttle body, Valves cover, Water pump, Under saddle steering, Saddle, Rear mudguard, oil pump etc.

Aprilia RSV Parts for RSV 1000 2003, RSV 1000 2001-2002, RSV 1000 2000, and RSV 1000 1998-99 are also easily available, usually from stock.

Aprilia Tuono Parts : For RSV 1000 Tuono 2006-2009 Drive shaft, air box, clutch I, crank cases, cooling system, electrical system, dashboard, clutch II, central stand, connecting rod- rear shock absorber, front body duct, front body fairings, exhaust pipe, etc. are available.

For RSV 1000 2002 -2005, you get almost all of the above mentioned Aprilia parts and all possible spares along with valve pads, throttle body, water pump, water coolers, ST-RS version front wheel, tail light, turn indicators, saddle, R-RF version rear wheel, etc.

For RS 50 Tuono 2003-2004-We provide an extensive list of genuine Aprilia Tuono spares such as carburettor II, cylinder- piston, electrical system, front fork, front lights, handle bar, gear box driven shaft, oil tank, left crank case, frame- cradle, engine –gear lever, Op.’s handbooks and decal, LH control, Ignition unit, selector, secondary air, etc.

Aprilia Dorsoduro Parts: We stock original Aprilia Dorsoduro parts like ABS brake system, central body, clutch I, cooling system, foot rest, front brake caliper, air box, cylinder head valves, front lights, front body, mudguard, fuel pump, front wheel, front fork, front master cylinder I, valve pads, USA decals, Saddle support, valves cover, gear box selector, fuel tank, rear body, decal toolkit, rear cylinder timing system, rear shock absorber and many other for the models Dorsoduro 750 Factory 2010, Dorsoduro 750 2008-2010, Dorsoduro 1200 2010.  

Aprilia Shiver Parts: You can get components of Shiver 750 USA 2011like front pads pair, bleeder kit, pin+brake spring, washer, LH front brake caliper etc. and most components by clicking on 28.27, 28.56, 28.36 etc. Aprilia Shiver Parts for Shiver 750 GT  2009, Shiver  750 2010 and Shiver 750 2007-2009 are also available, mostly from stock. 

Aprilia RS Parts: Aprilia RS parts available for the models RS 50 2006-2010, RS 50 1999-2005, RS 50 1996-1998, RS 50 1993-1995, RS 250 1998-2005, RS 250 1995-1997, RS 125 2006-2010, RS 125 1999-2005, RS125 1996-1998 (eng. 123cc), RS 125 1996-1998 (eng 122cc), RS 125 1995-1995 etc.

Aprilia SR Parts, Aprilia Scarabeo Parts are also available from stock. 

If you need Aprilia parts to be shipped anywhere in Norway, please contact Aprilia genuine parts via email sales@apriliagenuineparts.co.uk

We have a large customer base all over the world and we take pride in maintaining the standard and the quality of the parts we supply. We offer only Aprilia genuine parts. We are the fastest growing online supplier of original, high performance Aprilia parts. We at Aprilia Genuine Parts distribute over 400,000 parts throughout the world and are the fastest growing online parts supplier.

Browse through the list of our wide range of parts and let us know if you do not find the needed Aprilia parts. You can write to us at sales@apriliagenuineparts.co.uk. We offer the best price, the best quality and complete security when it comes to buying Aprilia Genuine Parts in Norway From our online store.