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Some men are avid bike enthusiasts to the point of obsession, devoting a lot of time and energy to taking care of their bikes while enjoying long rides across the country. A bike can be a man’s alter ego. Anyone who enjoys riding a modern bike will make sure to keep in perfect condition. To get the maximum performance out of your bike, it is very important to ensure that you get quality bike gears. Constant upgradation of your bike parts is very necessary to ensure optimum performance. In addition, one important factor to be considered is the use of genuine bike parts. We provide you with genuine spare parts in Aprilia Spares and you can be assured that replacement parts are original components that will give the same life and performance.  

We deal in parts for different Aprilia models ranging from street bikes to dirt bikes to scooters which are used for various purposes. Your search for parts for all Aprilia two wheelers ends here. The bikes for which you can get genuine Aprilia parts from us are: 

The engine of the RSV4 Factory is the most innovative and it is the most powerful Aprilia ever built. It is a super compact 999.6 cc 65° V-four cylinder engine designed for maximum power (180 CV). We have a wide range of biking accessories from soft shell RSV4 to RSV4 helmet and also RSV4 leather suit. Further, we have roadblock brake immobilizer, clipon bars and much more. 


 Aprilia RSV4 is extremely popular with its sleek, streamlined and macho looks with performance to match. It has the first 65° V-4 engine ever in a sports production bike, a chassis worthy of a 250 GP, Ride by Wire and multi-map engine management. For its proper maintenance we have all the frames and front body parts, cylinder-head valves, cooling system, fuel tank, saddles etc. 

No other bike comes close. It is the only superbike with standard V4 engine, the very first in handling, technical refinement and design classification. Upgrade your RSV4 R with the racing components of the RSV4 factory: from the fork to öhlins shock absorbers, from the carbon components to the forged wheel rims.  

It is a unique bike with the famed V4 engine, delivering powerful and effective 167.3 hp with a completely revised chassis architecture that sets new benchmarks in handling and ride for the class. We have components, performance parts, clutch pump, engine, expansion tank, cylinder with piston and a complete range of new Aprilia motorcycle parts. 


 The Mana has a compact, sporty and ecological 90° V twin engine. Because of the electronic fuel injection and a catalytic exhaust, the engine is well within the limits of the latest Euro 3 emission standards. We have Aprilia easy guard, side cases, flywheel cover, exhaust unit etc. 

The GT version is more refined than its previous version because of its half-fairing. It has a 2-cylinder engine with 76 hp ensuring high performance. ABS brake system, engine parts, front brake calliper, lock hardware unit, etc., are available with us. 

Its features include 90° V twin engine with double overhead cam, liquid cooling and four-valve heads. It also includes Tri-Map second generation ride-by-wire technology. We have all the spare parts necessary, ranging from clutch pump, drive shaft to front lights and wheels to even all the rare bodies and many more Aprilia parts. 

The engine powering the Dorsoduro 750 Factory features a latest generation Ride-by Wire system. The Ride-by-Wire system manages air flow, fuel flow and ignition simultaneously. We have side fairing protectors in nylon silver, brake fluid reservoir cover, aluminium brake lever, wheel spindle crash bobbins, clutch fluid reservoir cover, rider footrest rubbers, Ergal 46 teeth sprocket many more parts. 

The feature that makes this bike tick is the Aprilia V2 1200cc 90 degree V-twin engine. It has outstanding levels of looks and style and a smooth torque curve that gives unparalleled acceleration and ride quality. Parts like steering, throttle body, rear shock absorber are available with us. 

The Aprilia V2 750 engine has a number of core features: extremely generous torque over most of the rpm range, minimum vibrations, smooth, full power delivery and output levels which are top in its category. We have racing rider footrests, Aprilia tank bag, Carbon Fibre Front Mudguard, centre stand, AKRAPOVIC slip-on EURO 3 mufflers, hand guard and much more.

In spite of these parts being available at other stores at cheaper prices, Aprilia is the best choice because Aprilia Genuine Parts is administered by Genuine Motorcycle Parts Ltd and sells only Official Aprilia genuine parts . Our distribution is over 4, 00,000 Aprilia Spares in Greece, increasing day by day. We sell new Aprilia parts which assures the best quality at attractive and flexible prices.

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