RX-SX 50 2006-2010 ~ Fuel tank

RX-SX 50 2006-2010 ~ Fuel tank
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PositionPart NoBox QtyDescriptionPrice
3AP81200011Rubber spacer2.11
4000470304002Stop ring D4No Longer Available
68644891Fuel level sensor Technical Specifications: from frame VTHSR2D1A7H379324 [T2] 24.35
600H043021811Fuel level sensor Technical Specifications: until frame VTHSR2D1A7H379323 [T1] 22.50
700G004011311Oil filler cap7.43
900H004060111Fuel tank48.80
1000G004005011Hose clamp0.66
1100G004001811Fuel cock11.98
1200D037001311Hose clamp0.49
1400F004033211PipeNo Longer Available
1500H062010611PipeNo Longer Available
1600F037101312Hose clamp0.29
1786105000W042Saddle Year: 2006 [6] - Vehicle colour: Red Lion 2006 (s.t.85433) [red] 219.32
1786105000022Saddle Year: 2008 [8] - Vehicle colour: Off Black 2008 (s.t.860432) [black], Off White 2008 (s.t.860431) [white] No Longer Available
1786105000032Saddle Year: 2009 [9] No Longer Available
188613701Support plate20.22
19000110514012Self-tap screw 5X14No Longer Available
20000120612002Screw 6MX100X12No Longer Available
21000089150201GrommetNo Longer Available
2200D015005522CupNo Longer Available
2400H004040511Tank support4.85
2500H018095411Air boxNo Longer Available
2600H032092511Air filter3.10
2800D015013712Nut D60.81
2900D012001712Washer D60.37
30000121616001Screw 6M100X16No Longer Available
31000734819641Screw 4,8X19No Longer Available
3200D015013711Nut D60.40
3400D012001712Washer D60.37
3500G044014622Nut D50.59
3600D015004711Ring nut1.51
3700H059000211Screw 6M100X160.80
3886136900021Pillion seat strap Year: 2009 [9] No Longer Available
3886136900021Pillion seat strap Year: 2008 [8] - Vehicle colour: Off Black 2008 (s.t.860432) [black], Off White 2008 (s.t.860431) [white] No Longer Available
388613691Pillion seat strap Year: 2006 [6] - Vehicle colour: Red Lion 2006 (s.t.85433) [red] No Longer Available
39000020820212Screw 8M125x20No Longer Available
40000000230802NutNo Longer Available
41AP81267012Saddle rubber11.14
42AP81267022Rubber spacer3.62
44004020800012Washer D8No Longer Available