RS 125 2006-2010 ~ Cylinder - Head - Piston

RS 125 2006-2010 ~ Cylinder - Head - Piston
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PositionPart NoBox QtyDescriptionPrice
1AP06500961Gasket 0,57.52
1AP06500951Gasket 0,35.41
1AP06500971Gasket 0,89.56
2AP02236141Cylinder 9 holes840.24
3AP02501601O-ring 64x24.87
4AP02233851Cylinder head121.36
5AP09457525Break washer A83.79
6AP09404875Round screw M8x306.06
7AP04307821O-ring 23,3x2,42.35
8AP06131011Cylinder head cover157.28
9AP02221221Thermostat 7036.87
10AP02221751Thermostat holder9.11
12AP02222021Thermostat bow9.56
13AP02401952Special cap screw M4x80.86
14AP02502801O-ring 105x2,52.20
15AP02419302Hex socket screw M6x202.20
16AP02947451Piston assy 53,99 mm203.62
16AP02947541Piston assy 54,01 mm209.44
16AP02947441Piston assy 53,98 mm230.28
16AP02947531Piston assy 54,00 mm220.12
17AP02156722Ring d54107.64
18AP02161391Piston pin18.10
19AP09456352Stop ring D153.04