RS 125 1995-1995 ~ Handlebar - Controls

RS 125 1995-1995 ~ Handlebar - Controls
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PositionPart NoBox QtyDescriptionPrice
1AP81183431Right half handlebar15.18
2AP81183241Left half handlebar15.32
3AP81025792Anti.v weight, black18.51
3AP82015652H.bars anti.v weight SPORT PRO - 12.36
4AP81183071Throttle+hand grip4.77
5AP81182871Handgrip - pair8.90
6AP81183571Clutch control complete B=2627.28
7AP81182881Clutch lever12.04
8AP81183481Clutch lever adjuster3.08
9AP81183081Starter lever10.16
10AP81128021Commutator wiringCall Us
11AP82180771Clutch lever U-bolt5.88
12AP81241971Tachometer support50.36
13AP81130031Oil pipe screw *0.75
14AP81130042Washer 10x14x1,6*1.30
15AP81135091Front brake hose37.45
16AP81134511Front master cilinder d.12Call Us
17AP81241451Dashboard complete643.36
18AP81235531Plug screw0.29
19AP81242551Rubber tachometer5.88
20AP81241521Chronometer button28.42
21AP81143341Odometer cable9.38
22AP81143211Clutch cable23.00
23AP81204671Clutch adjuster sleeve3.08
24AP81184201Start pushbutton86.61
25AP81143311Choke cable11.37
26AP81143201Throttle cable w/ splitter24.28
27AP81127101Main switch - steering lock62.36
28AP81241731LH lights sel. w/wiring102.79
31AP81242531Sponge fixing bush5.88
32AP81241981Sponge gasket16.38
33AP81242281Speedometer cable64.52
34AP81242271Tachometer supp.44.04
35AP81311761Reset button1.21
36AP81522672Hex socket screw1.69
37AP81242291Tachometer cable-multif.Call Us
38AP81023431Tank cover13.26
39AP81134391Front pump rev. kitCall Us
41AP81183151Front brake lever32.42
42AP81241951Multif.device plug4.28
43AP81218921Oil brake tank supp.5.88
44AP81132411Brake oil tank complete12.25
45AP82015641Saddle lock35.88
46AP81025121Lock hardware kit134.62
47AP81204054Rubber spacer *4.55
49AP81242261Multifun. device398.40
51AP81242521Speedometer gasket6.98
52AP81242541Rubber speedometer5.88