RS 125 1996-1998 (eng.123cc) ~ Rear wheel

RS 125 1996-1998 (eng.123cc) ~ Rear wheel
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PositionPart NoBox QtyDescriptionPrice
1AP81085651Rear wheel, black677.42
2AP81017441Tubeless tyre valve5.57
3AP81070901Chain ring Z=39Call Us
4AP81022961Snap ring4.91
5AP81256311Rear wheel spindleCall Us
6AP81257631Rear wheel spindle nut4.25
7AP81256355Hex screw M8x2517.63
8AP81344291Brake hanger plate31.26
9AP81256371Circlip chain ring6.32
10AP81207921Flexible coupling rubber55.55
11AP81256281Crown holder49.54
1200000001Tyre 110/90"Call Us
13AP81256451Rear wheel ins.spacer17.59
14AP81256462Rear wheel bear.98.63
15AP81256391LH wheel ou.spacer5.96
16AP81256381RH wheel ou.spacer6.68
17AP82100071RH ball joint M69.94
18AP81132371Rear brake disc Year: 1996 [T] 113.80
18AP81136281Rear brake disc Year: 1997 [V], 1998 [W] 97.75
19AP81135101Rear brake hose43.76
20AP81130031Oil pipe screw *0.75
21AP81130042Washer 10x14x1,6*1.30
22AP81218521Washer 20x30x10.93
23AP81326351Rear brake lever32.42
24AP81211471Spacer *0.87
25AP81212841Brake lever pin8.59
26AP81218351Springs fixing pin7.94
27AP81211181Coil pull spring *1.13
28AP81256361Self-locking nut M81.08
29AP82130861Oil tank15.51
30AP81208071RH chain guide plate, br.3.68
31AP81208061LH chain guide plate, br.3.68
32AP81244791Brake light switch17.82
33AP81216971Belleville spring0.67
34AP81256471Rear wheel oil seal12.66
35AP81135961Rear brake caliper, gold139.10
36AP81136511Pads pair28.32
37AP81136021Fixing pin5.72
38AP81071401Connecting link Country: France [F] 6.40
38AP81071351Connecting link Country: Switzerland [CH], Germany [D], Denmark [DK], Spain [E], Japan [J], Holland [NL], Portugal [P], Finland [SF], Singapore [SGP], Great Britain [UK] 4.32
38AP81071351Connecting link Country: Germany [D] 4.32
39AP81131171Brake caliper cover2.02
40AP81130061Air bleed valve9.33
41AP81070451Chain cpl Country: France [F] 75.59
41AP81071101Chain cpl Country: Switzerland [CH], Denmark [DK], Spain [E], Japan [J], Holland [NL], Portugal [P], Poland [PL], Finland [SF], Singapore [SGP], Great Britain [UK] 50.51
41AP81071101Chain cpl Country: Germany [D] 50.51
42AP81132541Rear master cyl.w/out tank92.88
43AP82210741Rear master cyl.rod1.00
44AP81133221Rear pump rev. kit34.90
45AP81520606Hex socket screw M6x20Call Us
46AP81256462Rear wheel bear.98.63
47AP81131981Brake caliper rev. kit25.63