TUAREG RALLY 50 1990-1992 ~ Body

TUAREG RALLY 50 1990-1992 ~ Body
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If you are unsure of the correct body panel or decal set please email for assistance as returns are not accepted on these items by Aprilia, we @Apriliagenuineparts do accept returns however please note we charge a 20% restocking fee on ALL RETURNS, If there is any problems/damage you must ensure that we are notified upon delivery of goods. Any faults/defects or unwanted goods must be reported within 7 days of purchase. All returns must be in 'as new' condition, in original packaging, undamaged and at the cost of the buyer. ELECTRICAL ITEMS, DECALS AND BODY PANELS CAN NOT BE RETURNED FOR CREDIT. PLEASE CHECK WITH OUR SALES STAFF IF UNSURE


Please note that the Aprilia factory operate skeleton staff during the weeks of August due to the Italian summer shut down so there could be a delay in receiving your parts, we usually aim to dispatch your goods within 5-10 working days when available, please bear with us during this time.

Please note all prices, pack quantities and part numbers are subject to change without prior notice, Aprilia reserve the right to change price, pack quantities or part number - unfortunately we are unable to keep our website up-to-date with these changes from Aprilia however we do try our up most to keep in line with the current Aprilia catalogue

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PositionPart NoBox QtyDescriptionPrice
1AP82305081Fuel tank, red ROSSO/LILLA - 986.64
1AP82305971Fuel tank, green VERDE/BIANCO - 986.64
2AP81206101Tank capCall Us
3AP82013931Fuel cockCall Us
4AP81205572Tank rubber12.58
5AP81011121Spacer bush5.46
6AP82290731Saddle, violet VIOLA PER VERDE/BIANCO - 156.87
6AP82290651Saddle, blue BLU PER ROSSO/LILLA - 156.87
7AP82210562T bush *13.34
8AP81203111Rubber spacer *1.27
10AP82305981RH side panel, white BIANCO - 101.20
10AP82305101RH side panel, lilac LILLA - 101.20
11AP82306001LH side panel, white BIANCO - 101.20
11AP82305111LH side panel, lilac LILLA - 101.20
13AP81312671Front fairing, green VERDE - 576.80
13AP82306271Front fairing, red ROSSO - 576.80
14AP82305761Water cooler shield, black49.08
16AP81261461Front mudguard, red ROSSO - 116.40
16AP81262601Front mudguard, green VERDE - 116.40
17AP82261161RH sleeve guard, white21.05
18AP82261171LH sleeve guard, white21.05
19AP81307712RH hose clamp24.55
20AP81262481Rear mudguard, white BIANCO - 88.59
20AP81261721Rear mudguard, lilac LILLA - 88.59
21AP82261351Shock absorber guard, black40.53
22AP82261191Number plate holder, black 4 holes48.25
24AP82305061Sump guard, grey25.72
25AP82118131Decal set PER ROSSO/LILLA - 89.60
25AP82118231Decal set PER VERDE/BIANCO - 89.60
27AP81261471Grille, red ROSSO - 88.59
27AP81262621Rear splash guard, green VERDE - 88.59
29AP81202232Rubber spacer *2.01
30AP81308471Taillight guard, red ROSSO - 16.39
30AP81312691Grille, green VERDE - 16.39
31AP82201706Rivet, red ROSSO - 31.43
32AP81262642Front splash guard, green VERDE - 63.84
32AP81261772Splash guard, red ROSSO - 63.84
33AP812053120Rubber w/ insert *49.45
34AP81013131Battery hook1.21
35AP81309402Numberplate, yellow23.33
36AP822021310Rivet, white54.59
37AP81201771Headlight supp.snap2.51
38AP81217251T bush *0.67